Brides Choice 2014
"If you are looking for photographers/cinematographers--you can stop searching, because these are your guys (and gals!)! The entire Firefly BLU team was a pleasure to work with; always responsive and always kind. Our wedding photographs were beautiful, but our video was amazing. The true magic of Firefly BLU is that they captured such intimate and detailed and beautiful moments in our wedding video--without being intrusive at all. How they managed to make such a personal video--without being disruptive to the emotions of the day--was a triumph. I would also add that Firefly BLU really listened to us; we were amazed how they followed up on even the smallest request, making sure everything was exactly as we had discussed. Our wedding video is a gift that allows us to relive the day, to treasure (otherwise forgotten) small details, and to recapture the feelings of the event. My advice for future brides--go for the video!--it will be the best money you ever spend."
- Stephanie & John
"It was amazing and I cried and we laughed through the whole thing. After we saw our engagement photos, there was no question that we wanted firefly BLU there on our wedding day and they did not disappoint. There are so many beautiful pictures and they took time to capture the small details. They truly captured how perfect our day was!"
- Robin & Justin
"This video has the WOW factor! The video showcased the amazing day with all enjoyed together as friends and family. Nicely done!" -Fe Demiar
- Alicia & Jason
"There was never any doubt we would celebrate our marriage with firefly BLU. We even planned our date around their availability. The craftsmanship, thought and emotion in their work - not just the finished product of a beautiful video we've shared across the world, but start to finish - sets an unbeatable standard of excellence in the Pacific Northwest. On top of doing great, professional work, they are a delightful crew."
- Cherami & Scott
"Thanks again guys! You guys are great! It was a blast! Thanks again for everything!"
- Amaris & Alejandro
"I literally just sat on my couch and cried and laughed the entire video! I also called my mom 3 times to tell her how amazing it was! I am truly speechless and have never felt more special or beautiful. I am completely stunned at how heartfelt and complete your footage is. It captures everything perfectly and I feel like I can relive that special day whenever I want! There were so many things that I didn't get to see as the bride, and I am so thankful that I can see them now! I cannot thank you enough! It has brought us so much happiness. You guys are more than talented. You are crazy gifted and awesome. Again, you guys have given me lifetime memories. As far as I am concerned, the best spent money of the entire event. In fact, priceless."
- Alex & Jeff

We share a passion for expressive photography and cinematography. firefly BLU travels domestically and internationally. We are based in the Tri-Cities, Seattle, Spokane, and Wenatchee in Washington State. Please contact us for availability.